A Tasty Way To Celebrate Earth Day: A Peek-A-Boo Cake

Spring is officially here on the calendar, but hasn’t shown itself yet in New England. With April snowstorms and temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s, we are all itching to enjoy Spring. Earth Day is a welcomed day every year as my son’s school takes time out of the day to tend to their dormant garden beds and prepare them for Spring flowers. The kids enjoy turning the soil and planting the seedlings. They have such pride in their work and can enjoy the colorful garden while passing through the halls of the school.

Just as the kids are surprised to see new flowers or vegetables appear in their gardens, this peek-a-boo cake adds such a fun surprise compared to the average pound cake. This process can be utilized for so many occasions. Birthdays, holidays, brunch, parent meetings and cookouts will never be the same after you bring one of these to your next event. Not only can you be creative in the design, you can also have fun with different flavors. Here I chose the classic vanilla and chocolate combination. Other combinations I want to try are pumpkin coffee cake and a chocolate mint.

Pound cake will typically take an hour to bake so factoring in two pound cakes and cooling/cutting out your shape the overall process is not fast, but worth it at the end. I have seen other recipes that use a cake batter too, so that can be an option as well.


  • When baking the second pound cake, if the cake starts turning too brown but still needs to finish baking, place foil over it (around the final 15 minutes)
  • Additionally, keep the internal cut-out, like my tree, 2.25″ or smaller. I could not find a tree cookie cutter that size, so I designed my own.
  • To ensure you have the second pound cake batter surrounding your detailed cut-out, use a pastry bag/ziploc to control where the batter goes.

So what peek-a-boo cake are you going to make? Leave a comment below

Recipe source for Chocolate Pound Cake: Smitten Kitchen
Recipe source for Vanilla Pound Cake: King Arthur Flour


Earth Day Peek-a-boo cake

Earth Day Peek-a-boo cake

Earth Day Peek-a-boo cake

Earth Day Peek-a-boo cake

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