An Easy Strawberry ShortCake Dessert Bar With A Twist

When summer arrives it’s all about family cookouts and creating memories. Memorial Day Weekend is not only a day to remember those who have served but, for me, also a time to appreciate those who are in your life now. To gather with friends and/or family and create new memories and reconnect from the past year. This weekend kicks off the summer and nothing says summer more than strawberry shortcake. There are so many options when it comes to strawberry shortcake including angel food cake, biscuits or those pre-packaged cakes you find at the store. A few weeks ago I went to a cookout with friends and those much loved mini cakes were for dessert. The little kids loved them, as I did too. But I thought that a homemade version would be pretty amazing too. So I started researching and a vanilla chiffon cake was the answer. Similar to angel food cake, but uses eggs yolks, whites and oil, the texture and flavor is even better then those purchased mini cakes.  This vanilla chiffon cake is your new go-to summer dessert. Bake it in a pan, cut in any shape you wish (rectangle, circle, triangle etc) and create the best summer dessert bar this season.

I guarantee that this cake will be done in the same amount of time, if not faster, than driving to the store to pick up the store bought cakes and bringing them home. Plus your home will smell amazing once guests arrive. Your kitchen helper will enjoy pouring in the ingredients and running the hand mixer, if you dare. Have plenty of mixed berries and whip cream because this dessert will go fast. The recipe below is for a small group of four adults for those weekends that need a special dessert after dinner.  Double the recipe and now you are ready for a party! Ok, who’s going to the dessert bar first?

Recipe source: Two Red Bowls

vanilla chiffon cake
vanilla chiffon cake
An Easy Build-Your-Own Strawberry Short Cake Dessert Bar
An Easy Build-Your-Own Strawberry Short Cake Dessert Bar

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