Your Go-To Sugar Cookie Recipe (+ Video)

There are so many recipes that every home baker should have in their online recipe box. When you have kids, a classic sugar cookie is one recipe that you will make many times over the years for birthday parties, family gatherings and just for those days that you feel like making cookies together. This easy 6 ingredient recipe only uses one bowl and once your kitchen helper is old enough, they can handle making up a batch with minimal supervision. My kitchen helper is 5 years old and once he sees all the ingredients set up on the table he always wants to make the recipe on his own. Finally, this recipe allowed me to label each ingredient so he could follow the sequence (as shown in video). He wanted to use all of the cookies cutters once the dough was rolled out, so I opened the box and he had so much fun. The dough was easy to handle and with the use of the silicone mat, each cookie transferred without breaking, which would otherwise frustrate any baker young or old. Minimal ingredients, easy clean up and delicious even without icing are reasons enough to make these your go-to sugar cookie recipe.

Want to take this go-to sugar cookie to the next level. Decorating sugar cookies is an art and Sweet Sugar Belle blog is at great place to start, she’s a master.  So much to learn. I adapted this recipe from her site, but it can easily be doubled, just check out the link below.

Who’s making the first batch? Share your cooking baking experiences over on Instagram by tagging your photos at #theprekkitchen

Recipe Adapted: Sweet Sugar Belle

Your Go-To Sugar Cookie Recipe
Your Go-To Sugar Cookie Recipe
Your Go-To Sugar Cookie Recipe

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