How To Grow A Vegetable Garden With Your Kids: Part 4

It has been two months since my kitchen helper and I planted our seedlings into our vegetable garden container and we officially have tomatoes to pick and enjoy! This beginner vegetable garden actually started back in March when my kitchen helper and I planted seeds into soil pods. We were both so excited to see our little seedlings grow. (By clicking on each “Part” image below you can read about each stage of our process.) Once our seedlings were planted outside the tomato plants took off. I had purchased “early girl” tomato variety in hopes we would see tomatoes sooner rather than later and boy has it been fun to watch. Every morning we would head over to the deck to check the tomatoes. At first they started growing tall and I installed the “ultimate tomato cage” to support the climbing nature of tomatoes. I liked this product because it was adjustable, so as the tomatoes grew I could move the supportive bars to properly hold up the branches. Next yellow flowered appeared and soon after those flowers turned into small green tomatoes that continued to thrive to red delicious tomatoes.

So now we have tomatoes ready to enjoy on a regular basis, what to do with so many tomatoes? I have compiled four recipes from the Make & Taste archives below for you to enjoy the fruits of your vegetable garden.

A Beginner Vegetable Garden
Beginner Vegetable Garden With Kids Part 2

beginner vegetable garden
beginner vegetable garden

Tomato recipe



Vegetable Tian

Homemade Pizza Breads Post

Petit Veggie Omelets

Heirloom Tomato Tart

Products Used:
Ultimate Tomato Cage

Plant Starter Kit

2 thoughts on “How To Grow A Vegetable Garden With Your Kids: Part 4

  1. What an awesome experience. I am thinking of doing tomatoes this year. Apparently starting the first week of November works well for Sydney?! Let’s see. You have definitely encouraged me


    1. Go for it! It’s worth a shot and there are so many ways to start. We started by seeds, but you could always start with established seedlings too. I would love to hear how it goes. Please keep me updated!


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