Top 3 Recipes To Make ( & Taste) With Children Ages 2+

This week my kitchen helper started kindergarten and it’s hard to believe we started this Make & Taste adventure three years ago. Over this time we have made over 220 recipes together and traveled to local destinations for food inspiration. I was reflecting back to the recipes that he has enjoyed the most over the years and I wanted to share our top 3 recipes to make, and taste, with children ages 2 and older. Before he was my official kitchen helper I would make all sorts of homemade baby food for him. The first recipe that came to mind was avocado pudding, which later turned into popsicles. It was a true go-to recipe considering that it was easy to make with only 4 ingredients, plus it’s healthy. Your kitchen helper will love this frozen sweet treat.

The second recipe I wanted to share is for homemade pasta. Most children love pasta and showing them how a few ingredients can come together and create one of their favorite foods is always a hit. They love to make the dough and turn the pasta machine crank to watch magic happen. I did not grow up making homemade pasta, so my kitchen helper and I have learned together, which makes this new family tradition extra special.

The third recipe I wanted to share is for a classic homemade vanilla bean ice cream recipe. Vanilla ice cream seems to be the best flavor for children who are trying out ice cream for the first time. This homemade custard based ice cream does not disappoint. Yes, it’s a two phase process that has you cool the ice cream base for a few hours, but after your kitchen helper taste’s their first spoonful, all the effort is worth it. Enjoy customizing this recipe and creating new ice cream flavors along the way.

Now that school has started we will not baking or cooking during day, but we will continue this journey and make more memories in the kitchen. This blog has been a great way to share our kitchen stories and I’m so excited to be offering my photography clients a new session inspired by the blog called “Kitchen Stories”. Individuals who are passionate about baking and/or cooking will love having professional photography capturing this special time with their kitchen helpers. (link to my site)

Enjoy these top 3 recipes to make, and taste, with children ages 2+ and have fun making memories in your kitchen. Don’t forget, a bonus to all of these recipes is building on your kitchen helper’s fine motor skills, expanding their food knowledge and sensory skills (like smell and taste).

Avocado Pudding Popsicles
Avocado Pudding Popsicles
Avocado Popsicle Recipe

Homemade Pasta with kids
Homemade Pasta with kids
Making Homemade Pasta With Kids, Your Ultimate Guide

homemade vanilla bean ice cream

Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe

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