Baking With Friends Feature: S’mores Cookies

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”  Albert Einstein

The great outdoors are the inspiration for our school’s latest auction.  We are raising money for a new “outdoor classroom,” an open air space adapted to the young learner. It’s a place for children to explore and play,  while reaping the benefits of nature: a daily dose of fresh air, sunshine, and dirt.

So today, Bri, Henry, Siena, and Aaron got together to raise money and bake for the cause. Because every outdoor project requires a proper snack, what better way to celebrate nature than with s’mores…with a twist!  

Just like the outdoor classroom, we adapted our s’mores to better meet the needs of our pint-sized clientele; first by eliminating the fire.  Instead, we baked our s’mores into cookies, which are safer and easier for little mouths to eat. S’mores cookies have all the flavors of the traditional campfire treat with graham cracker, chocolate, and crispy marshmallow in every bite.  

Thanks to Bake from Scratch magazine for the recipe inspo and to Get It Right for donating their  eco-friendly baking mats and mini spatulas.  Finally, thanks to The FBCC Child Development Center for providing a safe, loving, and healthy environment for our children.    

Happy camping, digging, hiking, and all other outdoor exploring.  For your next adventure to the Great Outdoors, don’t forget the S’mores… cookies!

Recipe Source: Baked From Scratch

GIR Mini Spatula Red
Photos of Baking With Kids Session: Molly Hall

Baking With Friends Feature: S'mores Cookies
Baking With Friends Feature: S'mores Cookies
Baking With Friends
Baking With Friends Feature: S'mores Cookies

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