The Ultimate Guide: Tips and Tricks To Baking With Little Kids

The holidays are quickly approaching and we are all thinking about what to make and/or bring to holiday parties and family gatherings. If this is the year you wanted to involve your littlest of kitchen helpers (2-5 years old) these tips and tricks will save you a lot of stress and mess in the kitchen, all while maximizing the fun and educational benefits for the child. I have been baking and making recipes with my kitchen helper for years and Make & Taste was created to document all the fun along the way. We have made over 250 recipes for Make & Taste and it is with this experience I have created The Ultimate Guide: Tips and Tricks to Baking With Little Kids.

It’s not just about the finished product, there are so many benefits throughout the entire process for little kids to learn from.

Before inviting your child into the kitchen read these helpful tips and tricks so you can be organized and ready to focus on maximizing the benefits listed above.

Tips and Tricks To Baking With Little KidsTips and Tricks To Baking With Little Kids

Still unsure how to involve a 2-5 year old when making a recipe? I have highlighted 20 helpful ways a kitchen helper can get involved and be part of the process. Of course age and skill level will play an important roll in what they are capable of, nevertheless, they will feel proud that they are helping and baking.

20 ways to involve kids in the kitchen

Tips and Tricks To Baking With Little Kids

Now you are ready to make that traditional holiday family recipe and/or make new food traditions with your family. Need more inspiration, use the Search Box on the right side of this page to find over 300 kid approved recipes.


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