Baking With Kids: Mini Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Frosting

Mini Chocolate Cake

Just in time for your next chocolate craving or a small celebratory gathering, this mini chocolate cake with vanilla frosting will not disappoint. Last week my kitchen helper and I traveled to California to visit family. My 3 year old nephew was so excited that we were going to bake a cake. (His request) I knew he was a fan of chocolate cake so this recipe by Dessert For Two was a perfect match. Our version had vanilla frosting and rainbow nonpareils, which was definitely kid approved. There was a total of 4 of us (2 adults and 2 kids), so a 6″ cake was a great size and we wouldn’t have a lot of leftovers.

Baking with kids tips:

  • Having a 6″ cake pan will be a great addition to your bakeware, especially if your family is small in number. I purchased this pan at a local restaurant supply company which is a great resource for restaurant quality equipment at lower commercial prices.
  • My first step when baking with kids is to pre-measure the ingredients in kid safe containers.
  • Not only do the containers needs to be unbreakable, but having a handle is ideal. As you can see in the photos below, the 3 year old can easily grip the plastic measuring cup and pour out the ingredients.
  • Now for your baking tools. The larger the bowl, the larger the target for you little kitchen helper. A small size whisk and silicone spatulas are also kid approved and best when baking. Have all your tools out and ready before you start working with the kids. You don’t want to be running back into the kitchen or looking through a drawer and not supervising the baking session.
  • Everything, even the pan, was prepped before I called the kids over to the large dining room table. A large island or kitchen table is a great amount of space for kids when they are baking or cooking.

This cake is easy enough for even your beginner baker at home. No mixer necessary, just two bowls, cake pan and a spoon. Have fun with frostings and toppings. Kids, at any age, will be so proud of what they created. Enjoy this sweet treat and making memories in the kitchen.

Does your kitchen helper have a favorite sweet treat to make with you? Leave a comment below

Recipe Source: Dessert For Two

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