Easy Patriotic Sugar Cookies

Easy Patriotic Sugar Cookies

These cookies not only represent the American flag colors but they also marks the first school bake sale item for my kitchen helper and I. Now that he is in school full-time we can participate in fun activities such as this. With a packed schedule I knew I wanted to make something Red, White and Blue but also did not have time to have hours of chilling dough in the fridge. I decided to utilized my easy no-chill sugar cookie recipe and transform the dough into different colors with just a few drops of food coloring.

The one bowl recipe is simple to mix up, just have the butter softened before starting. I did not have a star cookie cutter, nor time to run out and buy one, so I cut out a star template and cut the designs. If you do have a star cookie cutter I would recommend using it as it will save you time and ensure cleaner edges. Now for the color. Once the dough is made I transferred it onto wax paper and formed a square shape. That way I could divided it into three equal parts. I placed one section back into the bowl and added 3 drops of food coloring, mixed and then made any necessary adjustments to the color. I did the same for the other portion of dough.

This recipe does not need to be chilled, so once you have your desired colored sugar cookie dough ready, start rolling and cutting out your stars. After baking for 7-8 minutes you can cool and then package into the cutest patriotic bake sale item.

Happy Voting Day!

sugar cookies
Easy Patriotic Sugar Cookies
Patriotic Sugar Cookies

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