Easy 7 Day Sourdough Starter Recipe + Worksheet

Ready, on your mark, get set, GO! If you love starting your morning off with a perfect slice of homemade sourdough toast, then it’s time to get your starter going. Search for or purchase a glass jar that is around 34oz in size. You will also need All-purpose or Rye (your preference) flour and water. That’s it. Oh yeah, how do you make a starter anyways?

I have created the below Sourdough Planner worksheet to keep you on track and organized. This specific sourdough is a 7 day 100% hydration starter. Once you have this one mastered you can start researching different types of hydration starters and when to use them in your baking.

There are a few key tips when jumping into the world of sourdough starters.

  1. On Day 1 when you are weighing your glass jar. Weigh the jar without the lid on. If you didn’t, it would add to the overall weigh and throw off your percentages when adding flour and water.
  2. Keep your starter on the counter of the kitchen or another warm place in your home
  3. One you have used your sourdough starter for your first sourdough you can keep the remaining starter in your refrigerator (just the metal disc, do not screw the lid down). When you want to revive the starter you remove it from the refrigerator two days before using it and start the feeding process again. (refer to day 6 on the planner worksheet to know how much flour and water to add)
Pro Tip: Weigh your jar without the lid.
You will keep the starter with a loose lid (or just metal disc on) to allow for gasses to escape.
Shown here is a 34oz glass jar

4 thoughts on “Easy 7 Day Sourdough Starter Recipe + Worksheet

  1. Thanks! The planner and your instructions are wonderful! I have tried various recipes for the last 2 months with little success. Using your planner, I had success from the start with a nice foamy starter. Clear instructions. Simple to follow. Very nice.


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