A How-To Guide For Making Your Family Cookbook + Video

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There is no question that right now in April 2020 people, including myself, are home baking and cooking more with our families. For me baking is a source of comfort during these uncertain times. I’ve made childhood favorites, family staples and even taken a few items off my baking bucket list. As a photographer I document almost everything. Our neighborhood walks, new milestones, homeschooling work and of course what we make in the kitchen. It’s time to start documenting this unprecedented time in history and create the family cookbook you always wanted to make.

I have made cookbooks and photo books as personal projects for over 10 years. I wanted to share my creative process with you to minimize the stress around tackling such a project, which is why I created the below 5 Steps to Success. These steps can be applied to any online book service you prefer and will make the project a success. To help you further I have created the below video of me making a family cookbook and outlined my steps for success once you are in the building phase.

The biggest obstacle in making a cookbook is time, which hopefully you have a little more of these days. View my list of steps as their own mini project. By doing so, the process of actually laying out the book online will be faster. These steps will provide you with a framework of what your cookbook will ultimately be. Have all the images ready to go in a central file on your desktop and recipes in a word document. I have found that books can take around 2 weeks to arrive at your home after ordering, so if you have a deadline for completion, you can factor in that timing. If not, and this is your first book, I would take a few days on each step, especially if you plan on take photos of old family film images and/or you have a new recipe you haven’t made yet and need to take images of.

Lastly, I love to include a collage of family images to mark the time of making the cookbook and some vintage images to highlight those special people in your life. You will see how I include these collages in the video.

Please let me know if you have additional questions and enjoy this family treasure.

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