Food Lifestyle Photography With Kids

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be providing a video tutorial series on Food Photography with kids! This series is four years in the making and it’s time to pass along some helpful tips and tricks to you so you can feel more confident photographing your children while baking with your children. As if baking wasn’t stressful enough with little hands in the mix, right? Capturing images adds another layer of complexity, but it can be done. I’m here to show you my tips and tricks to do both masterfully.

As a professional brand photographer for the past 10 years I love to capture the action of others and how they create their products and services. I take the same approach and attention to details in every post I shoot for Make & Taste. When I started the blog (my son was 3 years old) it was important to show and celebrate the process of the recipe. To highlight that a kitchen helper can be happily involved too. My kitchen helper and I have made over 260 recipes together. We capture the action (and sometimes video) while we make the recipe once. There are no second chances, no finished desserts waiting on the kitchen counter and no re-shoot opportunities. This has made me very efficient and knowledgeable about camera lenses to use and kitchen tools/equipment to utilize.

This video series is designed for food bloggers, new and experienced, who involve their kids in their posts and recipes; and brand photographers who work with food bloggers and culinary school who run classes for children. During the unusual time in 2020 there has been a huge increase is parents cooking and baking with their kids while home. Many of you might have even started a blog to capture this new and exciting world of food.

I will be using my professional camera equipment (Canon 5D Mark IV and lenses) throughout these videos with the idea that many of you are utilizing a DSLR camera for your blog. Now if your kitchen helpers are like mine, then you might have a budding food photographer in your house. I will also be creating videos with jr. photographers in mind, which will utilized an iPhone for shooting and editing.

The virtual suggestion box is open! Leave a comment or send me an email with any tutorial suggestions you might have (

Keep capturing those memories and enjoy the first video of the series below.

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