Cast Iron Blueberry Cornmeal Cake

When I received a special issue of Bake From Scratch Magazine called One Layer Cakes, and passed by this cast iron blueberry cornmeal cake, I knew I had to try making it. Since pick-your-own blueberry season is still underway here in Connecticut, our first step in making this recipe was to drive to our local farm and pick the required amount of blueberries, plus additional for daily snacking.

This recipe is great to make with your kitchen helper(s) of any age. Once I pre-measured all the ingredients he could pour and mix as much as he wanted. Definitely start pre-heating the oven with your cast iron inside when you begin to pre-measure ingredients. By the time your kitchen helper completes their task of pouring and mixing, your cake will be ready to assemble and bake. I recommend that only the adults making the recipe handle the cast iron assembly portion of the recipe. The cast iron is heavy and is hot since it was pre-heating.

Once the cast iron blueberry cornmeal cake is baked and cooled for 30 minutes your kitchen helper can help with garnishing the cake with confectioners’ sugar. Who could resist the fun of dusting sugar everywhere! This cake is packed with blueberry flavor and the lemon zest provides a great hit of citrus. The addition of the cornmeal also adds great texture to cake.

Happy Baking!

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