A Beginners How-To Video On iPhone Food Photography

Fall baking is my favorite time to be in the kitchen. The holidays and birthday celebrations all happen during this time for my family. So why not capture some amazing memories with your iPhone along the way. As a professional photographer I am constantly using my iPhone to capture daily milestones, funny moments and family life. Food photography is no exception. There are many times when I have been out enjoying a meal and need to capture a shot. When professional gear is not in use, my iPhone is the next best thing and I can’t wait to show you the possibilities.

I created this Beginners How-To Video On iPhone Food Photography as a starting point. In this video you will watch me use the iPhone live to capture the images and edit in a free app Snapseed. This side by side capture helps you see what I am seeing while capturing images. You too will develop this eye over time after taking many images along the way. I wanted this video to be approachable as possible that even your older kitchen helpers could develop their own skills. Simple set ups with foam boards and natural light are all that is needed, besides something delicious to eat.

Have fun, get creative with foam board, surfaces and recipes. Let me know if this was helpful and if you have additional questions.

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