All-Star Pie Recipes From The Make & Taste Archives

The holiday’s are here and that means it’s time to enjoy amazing desserts, like pie.  Growing up there was always at least three pie options at Christmas dinner, so pie is always part of my Christmas celebrations.  Have you decided what pie you are making this Christmas?  Well, in case you needed some help I created a singleContinue reading “All-Star Pie Recipes From The Make & Taste Archives”

Continuing a Family Tradition: Nana’s Apple Pie

As the air grows crisp and the leaves change color, my family and I head up to my parents farm in Western Mass to harvest. We pick crunchy apples, delicate raspberries, plump tomatoes, round pumpkins, squash and potatoes. Then we cook and bake! Apple pie is one of my favorites. This recipe is a twistContinue reading “Continuing a Family Tradition: Nana’s Apple Pie”

West Coast Style Apple Picking and Apple Pie Cookies

Every year, our group heads up to Rileys at Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen for an early breakfast and some apple picking in the local orchards. We have to go early because even at the end of September, it still gets up to about 85*! Now that Jax is almost three years old, heContinue reading “West Coast Style Apple Picking and Apple Pie Cookies”

27th and Olive Blog Guest Feature: Salted Caramel Apple Pie

When fall comes rolling in to our small Eastern Ontario town, my senses go wild. The colours of the autumn trees are beautiful, the feel of the crisp cool air is so refreshing and the crunch of a Red Gala apple straight from the orchard pleases my taste buds more than ever before. It isContinue reading “27th and Olive Blog Guest Feature: Salted Caramel Apple Pie”

Mom’s Apple Pie Recipe

This post is dear to my heart because every time I bake an apple pie I always think of my mom.  She taught me how to bake and gave me the confidence to try new things.  Her apple pie was the cornerstone of every holiday dinner and she would have loved to see me bakingContinue reading “Mom’s Apple Pie Recipe”