Guest Feature: “Frozen” Jello Ice Blocks

We may be over here on the West Coast, but we’ve had some super chilly days (for us) this winter and my three-year-old loves to say that everything is “as cold as ice.” He heard me say it a couple times and now he thinks it’s the funniest thing! “My knees are as cold asContinue reading “Guest Feature: “Frozen” Jello Ice Blocks”

California Feature: Cinnamon Sugar Halloween Crisps

Ever since Make & Taste started, Jax and I’ve been in the kitchen a TON more…and Jax is loving it! So when I came across this simple and fun recipe I knew he’d be all over it! And he was! I heard “Mommy I wanna do it” from start to finish. Oh, and don’t tellContinue reading “California Feature: Cinnamon Sugar Halloween Crisps”

West Coast Style Apple Picking and Apple Pie Cookies

Every year, our group heads up to Rileys at Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen for an early breakfast and some apple picking in the local orchards. We have to go early because even at the end of September, it still gets up to about 85*! Now that Jax is almost three years old, heContinue reading “West Coast Style Apple Picking and Apple Pie Cookies”

California Feature: Mono Cone…New to Us, a Tradition to Them

Recently we went on our first camping trip in the Eastern Sierras at Silver Lake. We were invited by our long time friends The Ramunnis. Tuesday Ramunni has been camping with her family at Silver Lake since she was a baby…only missing a handful of summers. Tuesday’s dad started visiting/camping at Silver Lake since 1962,Continue reading “California Feature: Mono Cone…New to Us, a Tradition to Them”