Chicago Feature: Simplifying Life With Simple Mills Artisan Bread

Ever since my son could walk, he’s been my partner in crime in the kitchen. By welcoming him into the process, I’ve noticed that he’s more willing to try foods that he’s helped prepare, and has learned to love real food. My role as a mother is to raise him with a good understanding ofContinue reading “Chicago Feature: Simplifying Life With Simple Mills Artisan Bread”

Chicago Feature: Paleo Approved Peach Cobbler

When peach picking season opened at Apple Holler Orchard, this Chicago family left the city behind and headed north to Wisconsin.  This was their toddler’s first time picking peaches and he not only loved picking them, he couldn’t resist taking a few bites along the way.  After a full day of picking, riding the orchardContinue reading “Chicago Feature: Paleo Approved Peach Cobbler”

Chicago Feature: A Dinner Smoothie

Let’s face it, parents are always trying to find ways for their kids to eat vegetables.  I’ve learned over time is that everything is a phase, so if this month they don’t like a certain vegetable or fruit, the next month they might.  This Chicago family took the approach of making a smoothie for theirContinue reading “Chicago Feature: A Dinner Smoothie”

Feature: Bringing Back Deviled Eggs

If you have a toddler who isn’t excited about eating eggs, you may want to consider what this Chicago family did to address the challenge.  They brought back deviled eggs and he can’t get enough! Who would have thought? Do you have another solution to the egg challenge?  Leave a comment below, I would loveContinue reading “Feature: Bringing Back Deviled Eggs”