A Christmas Morning Tradition: Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

For as long as I can remember my godmother would drop off a homemade coffee cake for my family and I to enjoy on Christmas morning.  It was her way to spread good cheer, although I don’t know how she managed it considering she had five children of her own.  My family was always thrilledContinue reading “A Christmas Morning Tradition: Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake”

Thanksgiving Party Favor Idea: Candy Acorn Treats

When hosting a large group it’s always fun to pass out a sweet treat as a favor, and these candy acorns could not be cuter.  When I was creating the Thanksgiving kids table post (link) I wanted a festive treat that used familiar candies that kids love.  These candy acorn treats were simple to put togetherContinue reading “Thanksgiving Party Favor Idea: Candy Acorn Treats”

Cookie Swap Contender: Triple Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

I recently made dark chocolate peppermint bark for my sister (link to post) and the flavor combination had me thinking of other items I could bake.  Cookies came to mind, considering all the cookie swaps happening around the holidays.  I discovered that Nestles had a new product containing dark, semi-sweet and white chocolate chips allContinue reading “Cookie Swap Contender: Triple Chocolate Peppermint Cookies”

Pomegranate Season Means Pomegranate Chocolate Chip Oat Muffins

Pomegranates are now in season and when I saw them in my local grocery store I knew I wanted to show my toddler something new.  Since the seeds can stain I could not have my toddler eat them raw, so I was on the hunt for a baking recipe.  This muffin recipe transforms the seedsContinue reading “Pomegranate Season Means Pomegranate Chocolate Chip Oat Muffins”

A Childhood Favorite: Cookie Monster Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is really easy to make and there are so many combinations and flavors you can create. After making this Cookie Monster Bark, I’m definitely going to make some other holiday combinations.  On a recent trip to my family home, my toddler discovered my childhood cookie monster money bank and has coveted it asContinue reading “A Childhood Favorite: Cookie Monster Chocolate Bark”

There’s Always Time For Ice Cream: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

With the temperature reaching into the 80’s here in New England, ice cream is a great snack to help cool you down.  Adding a fall flavor will help ease you into the next season since yesterday was officially the start of fall.  I always love a textural element to my ice cream and there areContinue reading “There’s Always Time For Ice Cream: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Ice Cream”

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies! A Family Tradition

I’m kicking off the many Make & Taste pumpkin fall recipes with this family tradition: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!  These were a staple in my husband’s home growing up and I’m happy to now bake them for our family.  Just smelling the cookies bake in the oven brings back great memories. This recipe has manyContinue reading “Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies! A Family Tradition”

Snack On the Go: Chewy Granola Bars with Chocolate, Oats and Toasted Coconut

Traveling to and from morning activities with my toddler always has me thinking about snack options that he can enjoy in the car.  It seems like salty or sweet snacks win every time.  In an effort to try something new I thought granola bars would be a perfect snack, especially the soft chewy variety.  TheyContinue reading “Snack On the Go: Chewy Granola Bars with Chocolate, Oats and Toasted Coconut”

Mild and Creamy Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe

Let me put it out there, I love coffee.  So naturally coffee ice cream was destined to be made.  Considering that my toddler would probably be nibbling on this dessert I didn’t want to go extreme on the coffee flavor.  I started researching recipes for inspiration and found this great article all about the coffeeContinue reading “Mild and Creamy Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe”