Helpful Tips: 6 Baking Ingredients and Their Substitutions

Have you ever been ready to start making a recipe and then realized you ran out of a key ingredient, like butter or worse yet, eggs! Let’s face it, we have all been there. This post is all about substitutions for common baking ingredients. When I started working on this post my initial approach wasContinue reading “Helpful Tips: 6 Baking Ingredients and Their Substitutions”

Connecticut Road Trip: Westmoor Park- Community Gardens, Animals and Education

I have been visiting Westmoor Park, located in West Hartford, CT, since my son started walking and I always look forward to seeing what is new each time.  On our recent visit I was so excited to show him freshly laid eggs in the chicken coop, the vegetable garden growing broccoli and cabbage and theContinue reading “Connecticut Road Trip: Westmoor Park- Community Gardens, Animals and Education”

Virginia Feature: Petit Veggie Omelets

If you’ve ever struggled to incorporate vegetables into your toddler’s diet, you’re not alone. I consider it a win if my daughter will at least give a new veggie a try, even if she doesn’t always eat it the first, or second time it is served. These bite-sized veggie omelets are, as the French wouldContinue reading “Virginia Feature: Petit Veggie Omelets”

Feature: Bringing Back Deviled Eggs

If you have a toddler who isn’t excited about eating eggs, you may want to consider what this Chicago family did to address the challenge.  They brought back deviled eggs and he can’t get enough! Who would have thought? Do you have another solution to the egg challenge?  Leave a comment below, I would loveContinue reading “Feature: Bringing Back Deviled Eggs”