Gluten Free Mini Sweet Potato Pies

November is here and it’s time to start thinking about all the amazing food you will enjoy on Thanksgiving. My family loves this holiday and have already started talking about our favorite food memories and what we are looking forward to eating. Of course the holiday is much more than the food and I’ve alreadyContinue reading “Gluten Free Mini Sweet Potato Pies”

Small Batch Gluten Free Stovetop Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is a classic meal for kids and adults alike. I wanted to take this classic recipe and add a few healthier ingredients. As a parent you are constantly thinking about what you should feed your child and whether they getting all of the nutrients they need. Kids keep us on our toes andContinue reading “Small Batch Gluten Free Stovetop Mac & Cheese”

Almond Butter Cookies: A Lunchbox Treat for You and Your Little Ones

I have been making these almond butter cookies way before I even had my son.  Years back I was working out and weight training 4+ days a week and enjoyed these cookies as a post-workout treat.  Now that I’m baking recipes with my son I decided to bring them back and tweak them slightly.  SinceContinue reading “Almond Butter Cookies: A Lunchbox Treat for You and Your Little Ones”