A Winter Family Tradition: Tourtiere Meat Pie

As we start to say goodbye to winter, these cold nights are perfect to enjoy a tourtière, or meat pie. This double-crusted savory dish is hearty and feeds your family for a few nights. Growing up my mom made this dish every Christmas eve to honor my dad’s french-canadian roots. But honestly, who could resistContinue reading “A Winter Family Tradition: Tourtiere Meat Pie”

Holiday Graham Crackers Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

If your kitchen helper is anything like mine, they love graham crackers, especially scratch made.  In order to keep up with the demand, prepackaged classic graham crackers are always on hand too, but it’s fun to bake them from scratch every now and then.  I have used a few different recipes and wanted to tryContinue reading “Holiday Graham Crackers Your Whole Family Will Enjoy”

A Christmas Party Favor: Chocolate Reindeer Bark

Chocolate bark can be made in so many creative flavors and designs.  Different types of chocolate and toppings to customize to your liking or event.  When creating the Christmas Kids Table design I wanted to incorporate a cute and festive favor (See the table design post here).  Chocolate Reindeer Bark was a perfect match.  Semi-SweetContinue reading “A Christmas Party Favor: Chocolate Reindeer Bark”

Christmas Kids Table: Design Inspiration and Resources

If you are hosting a large group to celebrate Christmas and will be setting up a kids table, this is the post for you.  Just like my Thanksgiving Kids Table post (link) I used materials on-hand and purchased a few items to make the “trees” and “reindeer bark” favors. Using my toddler’s art table, which isContinue reading “Christmas Kids Table: Design Inspiration and Resources”