Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cone Chips To Elevate Your Next Party

Summer temperatures have been soaring and ice cream has been a great treat to cool off with. After making a batch of homemade vanilla bean ice cream (original post link) I wanted to make the treat even more special by making homemade cone chips. I do not own a waffle cone maker and try notContinue reading “Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cone Chips To Elevate Your Next Party”

Let’s Celebrate: S’mores Ice Cream Popsicles

Today marks my 1 year blogiversary and I’m so grateful for every guest contributor and reader for keeping me motivated and creating an amazing Make & Taste community.  I wanted to make something over-the-top for such a milestone and these S’more Ice Cream Popsicles were it.  The title doesn’t even do these popsicles justice.  We areContinue reading “Let’s Celebrate: S’mores Ice Cream Popsicles”

Road Trip: A Morning Exploring Boston, MA

Since my toddler was about to start pre-school, I wanted to have one last mid-week adventure so I drove him into Boston to explore and enjoy a few sweet treats.  By the time we arrived we had about two hours before his looming nap time, so we made the most of our time there.  FirstContinue reading “Road Trip: A Morning Exploring Boston, MA”

There’s Always Time For Ice Cream: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

With the temperature reaching into the 80’s here in New England, ice cream is a great snack to help cool you down.  Adding a fall flavor will help ease you into the next season since yesterday was officially the start of fall.  I always love a textural element to my ice cream and there areContinue reading “There’s Always Time For Ice Cream: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Ice Cream”

California Feature: Mono Cone…New to Us, a Tradition to Them

Recently we went on our first camping trip in the Eastern Sierras at Silver Lake. We were invited by our long time friends The Ramunnis. Tuesday Ramunni has been camping with her family at Silver Lake since she was a baby…only missing a handful of summers. Tuesday’s dad started visiting/camping at Silver Lake since 1962,Continue reading “California Feature: Mono Cone…New to Us, a Tradition to Them”

Tennessee Feature: Hattie Jane’s Creamery

Imagine growing up with your parents owning an ice cream shop!  And not just any ice cream shop, a shop that sources local ingredients like dairy and coffee to create inspired ice cream flavors and sweet treats all in-house.  Yum!  Well welcome to Hattie Jane’s Creamery located in downtown Columbia, Tennessee.  This shop opened onContinue reading “Tennessee Feature: Hattie Jane’s Creamery”

Mild and Creamy Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe

Let me put it out there, I love coffee.  So naturally coffee ice cream was destined to be made.  Considering that my toddler would probably be nibbling on this dessert I didn’t want to go extreme on the coffee flavor.  I started researching recipes for inspiration and found this great article all about the coffeeContinue reading “Mild and Creamy Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe”

Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

I have owned my ice cream maker for several years but I never use it regularly.  Over the past year I tried to make a batch of ice cream every few months to experiment with different flavors and expose my toddler to something new.  We have tried toasted marshmallow, coffee, and vanilla.  I discovered some greatContinue reading “Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream”

Road Trip: UConn Dairy Bar

I discovered the University of Connecticut (UConn) dairy bar a few years ago and look forward to returning every summer to enjoy their ice cream.  Since the university is almost an hour drive from where I live, I was happy to find out that the animal barns associated with the department of animal sciences areContinue reading “Road Trip: UConn Dairy Bar”