An Exciting New Change To Make & Taste

Spring is on the horizon and I’ve already started purging clothing items that I have been holding on to for an embarrassing amount of years.  This process had me thinking about Make & Taste and the five social media platforms I’m constantly, or trying to, update on a daily basis. So here is the exciting newContinue reading “An Exciting New Change To Make & Taste”

The Make & Taste Reader Survey

I value your feedback and would love to hear: How did you discover Make & Taste?  What do you enjoy most?  What would you like to see in 2017?  I created the below survey to start the process.  I’m constantly trying to improve Make & Taste so your feedback is important in improving this site.Continue reading “The Make & Taste Reader Survey”

GIVEAWAY! Roll Into 2017 With This Essential Baking Tool

If your resolutions this year involve baking with your little kitchen helpers then this 13” handmade heirloom rolling pin crafted by Vermont Rolling Pins will put you on the path to success.  I’m excited to be partnering with Vermont Rolling Pins and offer this giveaway.  Just head over to Instagram and follow makeandtaste and vermontrollingpins andContinue reading “GIVEAWAY! Roll Into 2017 With This Essential Baking Tool”

The Best Of Make & Taste 2016

With over 130 posts I thought it would be fun to see which posts had the most views on the site so I compiled a list of the top 10 Make & Taste posts, along with the the most “liked” Instagram images.  Thank you to everyone who has helped contribute to the growth of thisContinue reading “The Best Of Make & Taste 2016”

Merry Christmas From Make & Taste

Hard to believe the holidays are almost over and 2016 is coming to a close.  Make & Taste has posted over 130 features and completed over 115 photo shoots capturing all the fun you can have in the kitchen with your children.  Thank you to all the guest contributors to the blog and for making theContinue reading “Merry Christmas From Make & Taste”

Give A Gift Of Memories! Photo Books And More

As a professional photographer I capture a lot of images on a yearly basis.  It seems as though I always have my iPhone out every day taking images of my adventures with my son and family road trips.  My professional camera also gets used often so both add up to thousands of photos.  These daysContinue reading “Give A Gift Of Memories! Photo Books And More”

Happy Thanksgiving From Make & Taste! (Bonus Sneak Peek Of Next Week)

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m thankful for all my friends and family who have supported me and my Make & Taste adventure. To all my guest contributors, THANK YOU!  You are what makes this blog so great.  I love sharing your stories and inspiring others to make special memories in the kitchen with their kids.  So takeContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving From Make & Taste! (Bonus Sneak Peek Of Next Week)”

Be The Next Make & Taste Contributor!

I’m so thankful for all these Make & Taste guest contributors.  Features from California, Chicago, Massachusetts, Virginia, Canada and Connecticut have flooded the pages to provide kid approved recipes and inspiration to others.  Some have started new food traditions, while others have shared classic childhood recipes.  We can’t forget all the food adventures taken across theContinue reading “Be The Next Make & Taste Contributor!”

Make&Taste Instagram Favorites: Be Inspired!

Instagram is one of my favorite ways to be inspired.  I always love to see how food is being introduced to children and what food adventures they are tackling.   The below images are a few of the many I have loved over the last two weeks.  Since Make & Taste is all about aContinue reading “Make&Taste Instagram Favorites: Be Inspired!”

Top 5 Tips for Baking with Toddlers

Some shutter at the thought of baking with their toddler.  First, know your baking limitations.  This isn’t the time to try a new elaborate recipe.  Also, know your child’s limitations.  This can range from pouring and stirring ingredients, while others can roll out dough and use a stand mixer.  Once you have an idea whereContinue reading “Top 5 Tips for Baking with Toddlers”