Easter Brunch : Cinnamon Sugar Popovers

Making popovers was something that I was always intimidated by.  For some reason, I thought they would be very difficult to make but after successfully making my first batch the intimidation factor vanished.  Popovers are surprisingly easy to make with only a few important steps to follow.  First, you need a proper popover pan.  IContinue reading “Easter Brunch : Cinnamon Sugar Popovers”

English Popovers: A Christmas Tradition

It was 1940 in Hamstead, England. Audrey Lloyd was a British girl in her teens, attending St. Christopher boarding school.   Life changed quickly however, when The Second World War began. Audrey was forced to leave England, and relocate with her family to Brazil. It was there, in Rio, that she met a young American NavalContinue reading “English Popovers: A Christmas Tradition”