Your Guide To Homemade Pasta With Kids (+ Videos)

Making homemade pasta with kids is possible. You just have to know your child and what they are capable of. When my kitchen helper was 2.5-3 years old he wanted to make the dough, be part of turning the pasta machine (only a few turns) and eat as much pasta as possible. At 4, he wantsContinue reading “Your Guide To Homemade Pasta With Kids (+ Videos)”

Homemade Meatball Raviolis For The Whole Family

Ever since I purchased a pasta machine my little kitchen helper has been slightly obsessed.  Luckily I am able to store it high enough in a closet, otherwise he would be feeding play doh and who knows what, through the machine.  He also has been intrigued with the ravioli maker, so it was finally timeContinue reading “Homemade Meatball Raviolis For The Whole Family”