Road Trip: Exploring Burlington, Vermont

Last weekend my family and I decided to take a road trip to Burlington, Vermont.  It was a perfect time to travel to Vermont since the leaves were starting to turn and temperatures were slowly dropping.  The purpose of the trip was just to explore the city, find some good food and coffee and enjoy experiencingContinue reading “Road Trip: Exploring Burlington, Vermont”

Road Trip: New Haven, CT Long Wharf Food Trucks

My family and I have driven past these food trucks for years.  Every time we pass there is always a packed crowd and people rave about the food.  We finally took the drive and thought getting there at 11am would help with the parking, however the very limited spots were already taken so we quicklyContinue reading “Road Trip: New Haven, CT Long Wharf Food Trucks”

Connecticut Road Trip: Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue

When my husband and I moved to Connecticut I never thought this state would be the place we would find fantastic barbecue, but we did.  Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue has become the place where we always bring out-of-town guests and/or recommend to others who are in search for a great meal while in the Hartford area.  TheContinue reading “Connecticut Road Trip: Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue”

California Road Trip: Donuts & the Beach Family Tradition

I’ve been camping with my family since I was about three years old and my husband is a camper too, so camping has always been something we’ve done ever since we’ve gotten together. And that didn’t change when Jax came along. Luckily he loves the outdoors as much as we do! Every first of theContinue reading “California Road Trip: Donuts & the Beach Family Tradition”

Cape Cod Road Trip: The Chatham Candy Manor

I have been visiting the Chatham Candy Manor, in Chatham, Ma, since I was a child, so the ability to bring my son to a place that holds so many fond memories is a thrill.  My toddler has now enjoyed a few homemade chocolate pops and it was this Chatham Candy Manor experience that hadContinue reading “Cape Cod Road Trip: The Chatham Candy Manor”

Connecticut Road Trip: Wethersfield’s Farmers Market

I love to cook and bake with local farm fresh vegetables and fruits and always look forward to springtime when farmers markets open for the season.  I’m usually one of the first customers on opening day and appreciate having access to great quality foods.  My toddler is learning new things every day and the farmersContinue reading “Connecticut Road Trip: Wethersfield’s Farmers Market”