Crispy Sea Salt Vegetable Chips

We love chips in my household, especially tortilla chips.  On a recent trip to a local grocery store they had a sweet potato chip station set up.  My toddler loved watching all the chips being made and of course we went home with a bag.  He loved them! It got me thinking about other vegetableContinue reading “Crispy Sea Salt Vegetable Chips”

Guest Feature: Paleo Breakfast Muffins

Every year, as winter comes to a close, I have a surge of energy… and panic. With warmer temperatures on the horizon, I feel the pressure to fight my way back into summer shape, quick. A few years ago, I attempted The Paleo Diet. Described by biochemist and Paleo enthusiast, Robb Wolf, the Paleo DietContinue reading “Guest Feature: Paleo Breakfast Muffins”

Virginia Feature: Cinnamon Sweet Potato Muffin Recipe

Fall is in the air! After a summer of record heat and humidity, the cooler temperature is a welcome change. The green leaves are starting to turn gold, and cinnamon flavored treats are front and center at markets and coffee shops. Fall is also the peak season for one of the world’s most versatile vegetables,Continue reading “Virginia Feature: Cinnamon Sweet Potato Muffin Recipe”