My Make & Taste Thank You Note

Happy Thanksgiving! So many families have been a part of Make & Taste and I look forward to featuring more in 2018.  I wish all my contributors and readers a big Happy Thanksgiving.  Continue family traditions, create new ones and teach your little kitchen helper a few tricks in the kitchen.  Enjoy making memories. ThankContinue reading “My Make & Taste Thank You Note”

Not My Mom’s Cranberry Bread, It’s Even Better (+ Video)

Thanksgiving is one week away and before you know it the year will be coming to a close.  So many memories made and more to follow.  During the holidays I try to make new traditions with my kitchen helper so he can look back on his childhood with fun and delicious memories.  There are soContinue reading “Not My Mom’s Cranberry Bread, It’s Even Better (+ Video)”

Gluten Free Mini Sweet Potato Pies

November is here and it’s time to start thinking about all the amazing food you will enjoy on Thanksgiving. My family loves this holiday and have already started talking about our favorite food memories and what we are looking forward to eating. Of course the holiday is much more than the food and I’ve alreadyContinue reading “Gluten Free Mini Sweet Potato Pies”

A Twist On A Family Classic: Fresh Cranberry Buckle Cake

What is Buckle Cake? When I decided to take a family recipe for Blueberry Buckle Cake and substitute fresh cranberries, it had me thinking about “what is buckle cake”?.  In my research I discovered that it’s a common New England dessert that consists of a yellow cake batter with berries, typically blueberries, mixed in.  TheContinue reading “A Twist On A Family Classic: Fresh Cranberry Buckle Cake”

Happy Thanksgiving From Make & Taste! (Bonus Sneak Peek Of Next Week)

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m thankful for all my friends and family who have supported me and my Make & Taste adventure. To all my guest contributors, THANK YOU!  You are what makes this blog so great.  I love sharing your stories and inspiring others to make special memories in the kitchen with their kids.  So takeContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving From Make & Taste! (Bonus Sneak Peek Of Next Week)”

Thanksgiving Party Favor Idea: Candy Acorn Treats

When hosting a large group it’s always fun to pass out a sweet treat as a favor, and these candy acorns could not be cuter.  When I was creating the Thanksgiving kids table post (link) I wanted a festive treat that used familiar candies that kids love.  These candy acorn treats were simple to put togetherContinue reading “Thanksgiving Party Favor Idea: Candy Acorn Treats”

Thanksgiving Kids Table: Design Inspiration And Resources

If you are hosting a large group for Thanksgiving and will be setting up a kids table, this is the post for you.  I used materials on-hand and only had to buy the items for the “acorn treat” favors.  Using my toddler’s art table, which is 4 feet by 2 feet, I was able toContinue reading “Thanksgiving Kids Table: Design Inspiration And Resources”

A Personal Mini Pumpkin Pie

When you live far from family during the holidays it’s not always possible to travel back for the big family meal.  At one point in my life I lived about 8 hours away by car and traveling back with holiday traffic was not ideal, but that didn’t mean I had to go without some ofContinue reading “A Personal Mini Pumpkin Pie”