A Morning Adventure In New York City

My family and I try to travel down to NYC at least twice per year.  It’s typically a morning adventure to enjoy some good food, walk the city streets between Chelsea and Soho and get our fix of city life.  Our first stop is always Chelsea Market, a city block long indoor food haven consistingContinue reading “A Morning Adventure In New York City”

Road Trip: Exploring Burlington, Vermont

Last weekend my family and I decided to take a road trip to Burlington, Vermont.  It was a perfect time to travel to Vermont since the leaves were starting to turn and temperatures were slowly dropping.  The purpose of the trip was just to explore the city, find some good food and coffee and enjoy experiencingContinue reading “Road Trip: Exploring Burlington, Vermont”

Road Trip: A Morning Exploring Boston, MA

Since my toddler was about to start pre-school, I wanted to have one last mid-week adventure so I drove him into Boston to explore and enjoy a few sweet treats.  By the time we arrived we had about two hours before his looming nap time, so we made the most of our time there.  FirstContinue reading “Road Trip: A Morning Exploring Boston, MA”

A Family Vacation Favorite: Classic Fluffy Pancakes

Did you know that Monday, September 26th is National Pancake Day?  Well, why not celebrate this weekend by making these delicious pancakes.  About a year ago I started a new family tradition of making pancakes every time we traveled to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  We would visit family, so we would be staying in a homeContinue reading “A Family Vacation Favorite: Classic Fluffy Pancakes”

Connecticut Road Trip: Westmoor Park- Community Gardens, Animals and Education

I have been visiting Westmoor Park, located in West Hartford, CT, since my son started walking and I always look forward to seeing what is new each time.  On our recent visit I was so excited to show him freshly laid eggs in the chicken coop, the vegetable garden growing broccoli and cabbage and theContinue reading “Connecticut Road Trip: Westmoor Park- Community Gardens, Animals and Education”

California Feature: Camping and S’mores

When you think of camping, what comes to mind? Sure, the fresh air, relaxation and adventure. But, c’mon…what really comes to your mind first? S’MORES! Am I right? For as long as I can remember, camping and s’mores have gone hand in hand. When I was a kid, I used to bug and bug myContinue reading “California Feature: Camping and S’mores”

Chicago Feature: Paleo Approved Peach Cobbler

When peach picking season opened at Apple Holler Orchard, this Chicago family left the city behind and headed north to Wisconsin.  This was their toddler’s first time picking peaches and he not only loved picking them, he couldn’t resist taking a few bites along the way.  After a full day of picking, riding the orchardContinue reading “Chicago Feature: Paleo Approved Peach Cobbler”

Road Trip: Kid City Museum and the Ultimate Play Kitchen

I have been visiting the Kid City Museum since my son started walking.  They have a great 2 and younger space called under the sea.  It has vibrant colors and soft surfaces for new walkers.  During my last visit a few months ago I noticed they were renovating the diner section of the museum.  ConsideringContinue reading “Road Trip: Kid City Museum and the Ultimate Play Kitchen”

Road Trip: The Lobster Pool Restaurant, Rockport, MA

In August 2010, I hopped a flight to Boston, Massachusetts to spend the weekend with my friends. I had just started dating a really handsome guy, who happened to be visiting his hometown in Boston that same weekend. He suggested that we get together for some “wicked good lobstah and chowdah” in Rockport, a townContinue reading “Road Trip: The Lobster Pool Restaurant, Rockport, MA”

Connecticut Road Trip: Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue

When my husband and I moved to Connecticut I never thought this state would be the place we would find fantastic barbecue, but we did.  Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue has become the place where we always bring out-of-town guests and/or recommend to others who are in search for a great meal while in the Hartford area.  TheContinue reading “Connecticut Road Trip: Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue”