Guest Feature: California Carrot Cake Muffins

There’s no turning back now. What’s done is done. The seeds have been planted! After much discussion about the ideal time to plant carrot seeds last winter, Make and Taste Founder Nicole and I agreed upon March 2017 to launch our gardening experiment. There is an old, but fitting French idiom that sums up theseContinue reading “Guest Feature: California Carrot Cake Muffins”

Guest Feature: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins With A Twist

Once upon a time, I had young children who were picky about eating their veggies. My firstborn, loved everything, but around the age of 2, started turning her nose up at things she used to devour. My little guy was wanting real people food before he had teeth, but preferred steak to anything with aContinue reading “Guest Feature: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins With A Twist”

Crispy Sea Salt Vegetable Chips

We love chips in my household, especially tortilla chips.  On a recent trip to a local grocery store they had a sweet potato chip station set up.  My toddler loved watching all the chips being made and of course we went home with a bag.  He loved them! It got me thinking about other vegetableContinue reading “Crispy Sea Salt Vegetable Chips”

Growing A Beginner Vegetable Garden: Part 1

I’m taking on a new challenge with my toddler, growing a beginner vegetable garden.  Ok, lets be realistic, we are going to attempt to grow carrots.  Orange, White and Purple carrots that he picked out at the local seed store.  This seed store was the best source for seeds that I’ve located in my area.Continue reading “Growing A Beginner Vegetable Garden: Part 1”

Connecticut Road Trip: Westmoor Park- Community Gardens, Animals and Education

I have been visiting Westmoor Park, located in West Hartford, CT, since my son started walking and I always look forward to seeing what is new each time.  On our recent visit I was so excited to show him freshly laid eggs in the chicken coop, the vegetable garden growing broccoli and cabbage and theContinue reading “Connecticut Road Trip: Westmoor Park- Community Gardens, Animals and Education”

Cauliflower Mash: A Perfect Side To Any Meal

During the summer I’m always in search of lighter meals and adding some variety to side dishes.  One of my go-to sides has been mashed cauliflower.  Anyone who enjoys mashed potatoes will like this alternative.  We often grill and flank steak is one of my families favorites, so this puree is a natural pairing.  My toddlerContinue reading “Cauliflower Mash: A Perfect Side To Any Meal”

Connecticut Road Trip: Wethersfield’s Farmers Market

I love to cook and bake with local farm fresh vegetables and fruits and always look forward to springtime when farmers markets open for the season.  I’m usually one of the first customers on opening day and appreciate having access to great quality foods.  My toddler is learning new things every day and the farmersContinue reading “Connecticut Road Trip: Wethersfield’s Farmers Market”

Virginia Feature: Petit Veggie Omelets

If you’ve ever struggled to incorporate vegetables into your toddler’s diet, you’re not alone. I consider it a win if my daughter will at least give a new veggie a try, even if she doesn’t always eat it the first, or second time it is served. These bite-sized veggie omelets are, as the French wouldContinue reading “Virginia Feature: Petit Veggie Omelets”