Virginia Feature: Blueberry Hand Pies with Alex

My grandmother always had baked goods in her house, ready to eat for whoever was hungry. I remember there was a drawer in her kitchen that you’d open up and rather than cooking utensils, you’d find freshly baked cookies. Just like cookies, these hand pies are ready to eat and are perfect for little handsContinue reading “Virginia Feature: Blueberry Hand Pies with Alex”

Virginia Feature: Petit Veggie Omelets

If you’ve ever struggled to incorporate vegetables into your toddler’s diet, you’re not alone. I consider it a win if my daughter will at least give a new veggie a try, even if she doesn’t always eat it the first, or second time it is served. These bite-sized veggie omelets are, as the French wouldContinue reading “Virginia Feature: Petit Veggie Omelets”

Virginia Feature: Sour Cream Pancakes

After starting my own business in 2014 soon after my son was born, most nights and many weekends were spent at the studio leaving very little time for family meals. One weekend, I stumbled across this recipe for pancakes and after tasting this delicious recipe one time, we committed to making time for a familyContinue reading “Virginia Feature: Sour Cream Pancakes”