Cookies For Santa: Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Santa will be very happy when he realizes that these are not your ordinary chocolate chip cookies, but maple bacon chocolate chip cookies.  The maple bacon provides a wonderful sweet and salty balance that everyone can enjoy.  To ensure great maple flavor I made maple bacon and added maple extract to the cookie dough.  I made the maple bacon by simply brushing maple syrup on the bacon five minutes before it was done roasting in the oven (see steps below).

My toddler loved to add the ingredients into the mixer for this recipe, so much so that he added a few out of sequence when I turned my back for a second.  Oh the toddler life.  They turned out fine and will definitely be making these cookies again.  Hopefully Santa will take a few home to enjoy with a bit of bourbon after a long night of toy drop offs.

Recipe Adapted From: ShugarySweets


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