Crunchy Olive Oil Sea Salt Crackers

Crunchy Olive Oil Sea Salt Crackers

I’m always looking for a salty snack and these four ingredient olive oil sea salt crackers satisfies this daily craving. I recently posted my homemade New England Clam Chowder recipe (recipe here) and this cracker made the dish even more delicious. Making the crackers were a perfect afternoon activity for my kitchen helper and I.  There are two important steps to the whole process, chill for an hour in the refrigerator and rolling out a walnut size amount of dough as thin as possible.  This will ensure a crunchy cracker.

There are so many opportunities for your kitchen helper to get involved.  These opportunities consist of mixing ingredients, kneading the dough, rolling out the crackers, brushing the olive oil and finally sprinkling sea salt.  Essentially they could make the entire recipe with just some help from you, which is why the recipe is worth a try.

Enjoy theses crackers as an on-the-go snack, with your favorite soup or on the side for lunch and dinner.  They make any good meal great!

Crunchy Olive Oil Sea Salt Crackers
Crunchy Olive Oil Sea Salt Crackers
crunch olive oil sea salt crackers

3 thoughts on “Crunchy Olive Oil Sea Salt Crackers

  1. This is actually a recipe for paratha, an Indian dish. Just flour, water and on the pan with some oil. That’s why I was drawn to it!
    Your cracker recipes look so easy, will try to make.


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