Homemade Valentine Day Gummies (+ Printables)

Valentine’s day is always filled with candy, but luckily my kitchen helper’s pre-school has a non-candy policy for this holiday. He recently started enjoying gummies that were provided as a special snack in this classroom, so when I started to think of a fun Valentine’s Day treat for his classmates a homemade option came to mind. Strawberry is my kitchen helper’s favorite flavor and although I wish I still had bag of frozen strawberries from all our summer strawberry picking trips, I ended finding some fresh frozen berries from Maine in my local store. With just a few simple ingredients I was able to transform this store bought treat and package it in a festive way.

Below are two printable’s for you to use when packing gummies.  Cute, clever and ready to celebrate this Valentine’s day.

Printable: I’m Happy You AreIn My Class-4

Printable:I’m Happy You Are My Friend


homemade strawberry gummies
homemade strawberry gummies

homemade strawberry gummies

Products Used:

My Fruit Shack Gummie Molds

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