Small Batch Ginger Molasses Cookies

September is here and let’s bring on all the fall dessert treats! In my family ginger molasses cookies are something we enjoy all year round. We are typically enjoying them from a local bakery but for this upcoming school week I wanted to make our homemade version. Now my family does not need a dozen or more cookies in the house, so I adapted the recipe to just make 6 total cookies. Now the cookie dough does spread so they are a treat worthy size cookie.

My kitchen helper finally made a video together again. Since I have been talking about photography more these days, I left in seeing me in action taking photos while making this recipe. I was using my Canon 5D Mark iv and 35 mm prime lens. This is my go-to camera set up with baking and photographing my kitchen helper in action.

Baking these cookies will fill your house with warm spice smells that will get you into the fall spirit. Do you have a favorite fall spice to use when baking? Leave a comment below

Recipe Source: All Recipes Big Soft Ginger Cookies

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