Stop Motion Food Recipe Videos (iPhone Basics)

Have you ever made a stop motion food recipe video before? Is it something you have been wanting to try, but didn’t know what to do? Well, today is your lucky day as I have just launched my latest video: Stop Motion iPhone Basics (Gear, Demo and Edit Process). These videos are fun to make and once you make a few, you will gain confidence and become even more creative in the kitchen.

I created this helpful tutorial video because it’s not enough these days to only post food photography images on social media platforms. Over on the Make & Taste IG account, I like to change things up when I can. By doing so I grab the attention of my audience. Even I get bored of the same old still images. During a typical blog post for Make & Taste I am capturing still images of my kitchen helper making the recipes along side of me. On occasion I have also made videos of our baking adventures, which you can see on the video section of the blog. With all the technology advancements over the years that it’s now possible to create stop motion videos on your iPhone with a simple free app called Stop Motion. How fun!

In the stop motion video below I documented a middle part of the cookie baking adventure with my kitchen helper. In the app I placed the timer setting to 5 (5 frames per second) I hit play and we did our rolling and cutting out process, then stop! I could have paused the video, baked the cookies and then shown the final baked items, but for this video I wanted to capture the middle portion of the baking adventure. Additionally, I could have started from the beginning when we mixed and poured all of the ingredients to form the dough. So many creative ways to represent the same message!

Stop motion video with my kitchen helper

By day I am a brand photographer for creative entrepreneurs so branding is always on the forefront of my mind. I hope this post helps you jumpstart your stop motion video making.

Do you have any questions? Add a comment, I’m happy to help!

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