Making Meringue with Jack, Liv and their English Nana

This past week, Jack and Liv were lucky to spend some much needed “nana” time with my mother-in-law, Ali who lives across the pond in England. Along with lots of laughs, hugs and new games, Nana came ready to prepare and share some of her famous culinary delights. When Nicole was interested in doing a piece on an English recipe, the first thing I thought of was Ali’s meringue. Come to find out, the recipe was passed to her by her dear friend, Helen who is married to a renowned chef in Oxford – so there is certainly some “street cred” to this one! Though the ingredients are easy, I have to warn everyone to be very mindful of the baking time, as it can “make or break” the beauty that is meringue. I hope everyone enjoys this English delight as much as we do! Cheerio!


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