Helpful Tips: 6 Baking Ingredients and Their Substitutions

Baking Ingredients and Their Substitutions

Have you ever been ready to start making a recipe and then realized you ran out of a key ingredient, like butter or worse yet, eggs! Let’s face it, we have all been there. This post is all about substitutions for common baking ingredients. When I started working on this post my initial approach was to find healthier substitutions, but found that many of these ingredients have had a bad rap and don’t necessarily need to be replaced, unless of course for dietary needs. So with that said, some may see healthier alternative to the traditional ingredients, but others will see some creative ways to use products they don’t normally purchase and adjust traditional recipes.   I for one have run out of AP Flour many times, but happen to have whole wheat on hand, so I have substituted in recipes and have had great results. Coconut oil has been another substitution I have been using, I rarely have vegetable oil so coconut oil has been my go to product. In doing this research I learned that unsolidified, or solid, coconut oil is great for a butter alternative. I love learning new things!

I would love to hear if you have additional substitutions and/or if you have used any of these in your baking. Leave a comment below and share with the Make & Taste community.

Resources: Website Sourced, Oil Information, Coconut Oil

Baking Ingredients and their substitutions


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