A Winter Family Tradition: Tourtiere Meat Pie

Tourtiere Meat Pie

As we start to say goodbye to winter, these cold nights are perfect to enjoy a tourtière, or meat pie. This double-crusted savory dish is hearty and feeds your family for a few nights. Growing up my mom made this dish every Christmas eve to honor my dad’s french-canadian roots. But honestly, who could resist potatoes and beef surrounded by flaky butter crust.

I haven’t enjoyed a tourtière for many years and decided to introduce this dish to my kitchen helper. There are so many ways he can be involved, making and rolling out the pie dough, mashing the potatoes and sprinkling in the spices to the beef/pork/potato mixture. It’s simple, comforting and hearty, just what winter calls for. The pie dough can be made the day before and the mixture doesn’t take too long to pull together. After about 30 minutes in the oven you are ready to feed your family with a dish that has been around since the 1600’s.

Recipe adapted from: Grow A Good Life

Tourtiere Meat Pie
Tourtiere Meat Pie

Tourtiere Meat Pie
Tourtiere Meat Pie

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